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LMVA provides a variety of interpretive services during the summer, including campfire programs for children and adults at area campgrounds.  During a campfire program you might learn something about mountain history, including depictions of mountain men, Imperial Valley farmers, a Kumeyaay Native American, or the first Ranger on the mountain.  Mountain wildlife crafts are also presented.


Cowboy re-enactment.

Other programs include Hug-A-Tree, and Pine Cone Bird Feeders.  LMVA volunteers also lead Nature Walks during the summer, providing interpretive information regarding the forest flora and fauna. You can even create your own program!


LMVA leads a Nature Walk.


Re-enactment of Carl Brenner, the first Ranger of the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area.

A new activity that begins in the summer of 2012 has LMVA'ers all excited. It's called the Trail Interpreter Program, or TIP. The Forest Service has very few staff to hike the many miles of trails on the mountain. Much of the valuable time that can be provided is taken up within a mile or so of the campgrounds, where the majority of the visitors are relative new-comers to mountain hiking. Many are out there without a sense of direction, without adequate water, and aren't looking for an arduous hike. The Forest Service proposed this year that LMVA hike these trails, and provide a very basic level of assistance to these trail users. This frees up the valuable time of the single FS Trails Coordinator, who can concentrate on the further-flung trails that more experienced hikers prefer. Teams of two will begin hiking around Big Laguna Lake this summer.