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Roost availability subject to weather.  Roost is across from the 22.5 mile marker on Sunrise Highway in the village of Mt. Laguna.
Month Date Item Time Meet At Comments
January 7th  Annual Training
 9a Roost
 8th  InterpretiveTraining 9a Roost

14th Budget/Calendar Meeting 3p Pres. Residence 
 14th Board Meeting 3p     "            " 

28th Trail Crew 9a Roost

February 11th  Board Meeting  3p Roost 
  11th Anniversary Party  TBA 
 25th Trail Crew 9a Roost
  26th Interpretive Training Part 2 9a Roost 
March 11th Trail Crew  9a Roost
 11th Board Meeting  3p Roost
 25th Trail Crew  9a Roost
  26th Trail Ambassadors 9a Roost Thru October
 April 1st Interpretive Guide Training Part 1 9a Roost 

 8th Trail Crew  9a Roost
  8th Annual Roost Cleaning 9a Roost BBQ lunch provided
  8th Board Meeting 3p Roost Living History Meeting 2 pm
  9th Trail Ambassadors 9a Roost 
  22nd Trail Crew 9a Roost 
  23rd Trail Ambassadors 9a Roost 
  23rd Recruiting Booth 9a Balboa Park Earth Fair
  29th Interpretive Training Part 2 9a Roost 
May 13th  Interpretive Training Hike 9a Roost 
 13th  Trail Crew  9a Roost


 Board Meeting 3p Roost 
  14th Trail Ambassadors 9a Roost
 27th Trail Crew 9a Roost
June 3rd Orientation/New Member Training 9a Roost 

 10th  Trail Crew  9a Roost
  10th Guided Hike 10a Desert View Trail 
 10th Board Meeting  3p Roost
  17th Coyote Tales (Storytelling) 7p Burnt Rancheria Amphitheater 
  24th  Kumeyaay Clay Pots 10a Site #9, Burnt Rancheria 
  24th Trail Crew  9a Roost 
  24th Stars, Stars and More 8p Laguna Amphitheater 
 8th Trail Crew 9a Roost
 8th Board Meeting 3p Roost

 9thTrail Ambassadors  9a Roost
 22nd Trail Crew 9a Roost
  23rd Trail Ambassadors 9a Roost
August 12th Trail Crew 9a Roost

 12th  Annual Picnic Noon RoostLunch main course provided
 12th Board Meeting 3p Roost
  13th Trail Ambassdors 9a Roost 
  26th Trail Crew 9a Roost
  27th Trail Ambassadors 9a Roost

 September 1st Living History Setup 5p Roost 
  2nd Living History Tours 9a Roost Spaghetti dinner for participants
  3rd Living History Tours, takedown 9a Roost 

 9th Trail Crew 9a Roost
 9th Board Meeting 3p Roost
 10th  Trail Ambassadors 9a Roost
  23rd Trail Crew 9a Roost 
 24th Trail Ambassadors 9a Roost
October 14th Trail Crew 9a Roost 
  14th Board Meeting 3p Roost 
  15th Trail Ambassadors 9a Roost 
  28th Trail Crew  9a Roost
November 4th New Member Training 9a Roost 
 11th  Trail Crew 9a Roost 
  11th Board Meeting 3p Roost 
 11th Annual Membership Meeting 5p RoostTime approximate
 11th Chili Cookoff 6p Roost Time Approximate
December 9th Trail Crew  9a Roost
 9th Board Meeting  3p Roost
 9th Christmas Party
 5p Roost Time approximate.  Main course provided.
    Gift exchange, bring gift <$20.